Importance of Using Good Teaching Strategy 

In learning, not all learners get favored by a specific teaching strategy employed by their teachers. It is also evident that the efforts of a teacher in delivering their content in the class participate in a considerable percentage the performance of his or her students. Since it is expected that learners should pass, teachers should come up with good teaching strategies that will ensure maximum delivery of their content to students and therefore maximizing performance. The following are advantages of applying good teaching strategies;


Using the flipped classroom technique, students are stimulated to get ready for the lesson before the actual class. This makes the class a more dynamic environment because now the students can explain what they had already learned. This method allows learners to work on areas they have difficulties in and prepare questions in advance. This will increase content mastery and performance in general.


Advocating for self-learning creates curiosity which is the prime factor of getting knowledge. It creates a sense of learners to read large quantities of texts that they will be trying to recall or instantly forget. The prime goal of the strategy is to make sure that a learner concentrates on exploring areas of his or her interests and internalize it himself or herself. After internalizing the content, the learner will generally try to improve academically since it all begins with a step of understanding small bits. Since this method allows learners to have the self-determination to expand and develop ideas, a learner get diversified knowledge and thus academic excellence.  Click here to know more about formative assessment tools.


Guiding them on use of free online learning tools significantly improve their performance. Most students like everything relating to technology. When they learn using online tools, they feel it as fun and do it willingly. The willingness to learn will be the incentive to explore further on areas the learner is interested. It is also an effective method of teaching since learners can share study resources online and also they can apply they flipped classroom model because it is now possible for them to get resources to learn in advance. This will improve students' performance at a high percentage.   You can  find out more  here.


The design thinking technique allows group exploration, brainstorming, and inventive ideas. This method also formulates students for the real world and provokes their creative thinking, inquisitiveness as well as investigative skills. This method makes sure that students are equipped with all required skills in the job market and therefore reducing the academic wastage.  Read more here :